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The search marketing industry along with SEO competition between businesses is on its way to grow rapidly. This is the reason due to which even after implementing all basic SEO action like choosing of targeted keywords, implementing the right f1-h2, adding more than 600 words in the landing pages along with implementing the best image alt tags, landing pages do not earn top search rankings on Google.

Top 10 Advanced SEO Tips by Best SEO Company in Kolkata

In order to distinguish the landing page from competitors, best SEO Company in Kolkata feels proud to provide following top 10 advanced SEO tips to make the difference in online performance:  

Implementation of rel publisher It is essential to create a Google Plus Page for your website. This can be done by adding a G+ code in the head section of source code of your website.

Doing so will let easy managing of the connection of website with Google Business Page. This will provide an advantage on personalized results. Liking of the post at Google Plus along with performing a similar search query will let appearing of relative landing pages in the first results of Google.

Implementation of schema.org Implementing such a rich snippet will enhance the CTR of the organic results. Such professional SEO services will let the user to search directly his desired item in the website along with improving organic results.

Implementation of rel alternate The rel alternate is generally implemented in case of a mobile version. By implementing the following code in the head section of website, it will be easy to help Google in detecting the desktop version from mobile: <link rel=”alternate” media=”only screen and (max-width: 640px)” href=”http://m.example.com/” /><link rel=”alternate” media=”handheld” href=”http://m.example.com/” />

Implementing the href-lang In case of multi-language website, it is good to implement the rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” in order to inform Google about which language being used on a specific page to serve the best result to users searching in that particular language. The following code must be included in the head section of website: <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”http://es.example.com/”/>

Implementing Google Analytics filter In order to count traffic from images on Google as organic traffic in the right way, it is essential to modify Google Images to Organic traffic. There are some easy to understand steps in order to implement the following.

Creating events to decrease the bounce rate Google Analytics counts as bounce rate when a user enters into the website and leaves without moving to any other page. But in case somebody visits the website and stays on the landing page for more than 1 minute, there is a probability that he successfully finds what he needs.

For this reason, SEO services in Kolkata have invented the following event to decrease the Bounce rate: set Timeout (“ga(‘send’,’event’,’Actions you choose’,’time on page more than 1 minutes’)”,60000); The “60000” represents the time chosen as the desired one for a user in milliseconds.

Implementation of new METAs – In case of responsive website, there are chances that the same will rank in the mobile devices as well with the implemented METAs. In order to optimize METAs for mobile devices, the Meta title and Meta description must not overpass 55 characters and 115 characters respectively. Otherwise, METAs will not appear completely on Google.  

Internal link building strategy – By sending internal links only to pages of same as well as below category level, it is possible to manage to make the pages where the link is sent to a stronger level along with weakening the page from where link is sent.

Adding image and video sitemap – After successful creation of an image along with a video sitemap, it will be possible to help Google for easy crawling through all images and videos hence understanding the pages that comprise a video. Google tends to give value to images and videos hence enabling the page to get a good rank on Google results.

Adding internal search box – By adding an internal search box in the website along with finding new ideas for long keywords, it will be possible to monitor the keywords being searched by visitors through Analytics. It will also enable to find new keywords and create new landing pages to target them.  

Time has come to make a good change!


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